Another news article about our Chief Flying Instructor

Posted by on 8 April 2014 | Comments

Ivan Krippner, chief flying instructor for Southern Lakes Learn to Fly was nearly born in an aeroplane and he hasnít stopped flying since.

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Ivan Krippner Airshows

Posted by on 31 March 2014 | Comments

Here is the latest video uploaded by the team at SOUTHERN LAKES LEARN TO FLY.

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Floatplane ratings in Wanaka

Posted by Ivan. on 2 September 2013 | Comments

Southern Lakes Learn To Fly Instructor, Kylie Krippner is away in Alaska doing a Float Plane rating with Don Lee at Alaska Floats and Skis.† It is a 3 day course based near Talkeetna, the gateway to the Denali National Park.† Kylie is hoping to learn the in's and out's of flying a Pacer on floats, catch some fish and see a bear or two.† She has already seen a huge Moose on her day of arrival in Anchorage.† Kylie will be keeping us updated on her progress and experiences from the other side of the Pacific.

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New Website up and running!

Posted by on 29 August 2013 | Comments

Welcome to our new website made by BERZERK!. †Here you'll find more updates, news, photos and videos.

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